Friday, June 17, 2011

I don't want to leave Zoro!

I love you Zoro! Your the best horse ever! I miss you!

I don't want to leave Zoro!

I love you Zoro! Your the best horse ever! I miss you!

Going home

Today we are heading home. I wish it could've been longer so we could do some more cool stuff at each of our locations. I made some good friends and it was fun spending time with them.

fun times in Arizona

I had so much fun there are a lot of things to do in Arizona. One of my favorite things that i did there was go to the Old Tuscan studies. We went to watch the actors do stunts and we also go to go on the set and watch a stunt up close. Another place we went was the pima air museum. I got to learn a lot about different kinds of planes. I also enjoyed was the horse back ride up the mountain for breakfast. At first I was scared to ride a horse, but after awhile I got used to it and then I wasn't as scared anymore. But, it still scares me to ride a horse down hill because it feels like your going to fall off. I also think that the Grand Canyon is an amazing and a beautiful place. I'm very glad that I went on this trip because I met a lot of new friends, learned a lot, and saw many cool things.

Making our way the mountain from our pancake breakfast


Animals of the Sonoran Desert

We learned a lot about animals that live in the Sonoran desert. Then, we toured the zoo and got to watch several snakes eating mice.

Last Day in Arizona

After some sad goodbyes to our Alaska, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania friends, and a good breakfast at our hotel, we are preparing for our 10:00 shuttle to the airport. All of our friends had to leave early this morning, and we are just relaxing in the lobby. It has really been a great trip, and I will never forget it.

Adventure Details

Duration 6 days
Destinations Tucson
Grand Canyon
Focus Biology
Regional History